I’m Mara, a yorkie obsessed fur mom who is currently working at a rockin’ agency as an ad strategist (which I looove) and running this blog/community as well. I write all the words, create all the designs, and do my best to fuel the passionate professional community throughout my day. Running this website is a joy and the people I have met through my time as a small business owner has been incredible to say the least. I wish more than anything that I could chat with you over chocolate cake at a coffee shop but unfortunately we live miles apart & we are relying on the good ole internet to connect.

My lipstick collection is pretty insane & I tend to like girly things. Web design is a major source of happiness in my life, which is why I got my college degree in the subject. My hubby is a coach + teacher at a high school where he gets to impact kid’s lives all day long and then come home to tell me about it. He’s a grand guy, I’m sure you would love him. Lemon water is my drug of choice and I can be kind of high maintenance about it. A part of me will always believe that I am half Italian because of my over-the-top love for pasta. Really weird music that no one knows about is what I live off of while I am designing for my (incredibly beautiful) clients. Design is great but creating a brand that comes to life is even greater.

It’s so nice to meet you, let’s be friends.